The Miracle of Soursop

Appropriate Dosage of Soursop Extract Increase the Cure Rate

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The dosages used for treatment of soursop are varies greatly from person to person. In general, the use of soursop as a healer of disease based on the type of disease, patient age, patient condition, response to treatment and type of preparation of drugs used.


The dosages used

Please note that product in the market and soursop use for disease therapy in the form and variety of the manifold.

Currently the market can be found in the form of products of soursop fruit juice, dried extract of  soursop leaf and dry bark, extract of  soursop leaves are extracted and then being capsulised (extract capsules) or extract of soursop leaves are made into powder and then being capsulised. All forms of refined products based from the soursop is they can all be used for the treatment of diseases.


Duration of treatment

If consumed excess, soursop can be emetics or induce vomiting. At the heart patients also need to be considered not to consume excessive amounts because soursop is cardio depressant or suppress the activity of the heart. In addition soursop are also stimulates uterine contractions so should not be consumed in excess during pregnancy.

Contra indications soursop, especially in patients with Parkinson’s disease, called atypical Parkinsonism that many experienced people in Guadeloupe Caribbean allegedly consuming fruit and soursop leaves boiled in excess amount in the long term and even lifetime. As a guide in consuming decoction soursop leaves should take a pause or not consume soursop continuously. Some experts suggest giving the time interval between two days to stop eating or drinking within one week of eating soursop or gave a pause for one week after a month consume of soursop. This aims to avoid the toxic compounds that can accumulate in the blood which is likely to potentially interfere with nerve and brain.

Evaluation and monitoring of treatment

Duration of eating of soursop leaves extract depends on the type of illness, the patient must continue to consult with your doctor to evaluate the development of therapeutic efficacy of soursop. For example, people with diabetes mellitus who drink soursop leaf extract as a cure diabetes should keep checking blood sugar levels while undergoing therapy and after consume of soursop. It is important to know whether they drink soursop extract dosage is good enough to control blood sugar levels. If levels are too high blood sugar is necessary to find the causes when the dose is too low, or not in accordance with the diet recommended by your doctor or physical activity is still lacking.

Conversely, if during eating soursop leaf extract was too low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) should be analyzed whether the cause because the dose taken is too high extract, or caloric intake is less than it should or even excessive physical activity.

Like people with diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure sufferers should also always check the condition of his body on a regular basis. The purpose of the controls on a regular basis is getting the right dose to get healing from the pain. Of course, in addition to drugs, the lifestyle of people with the disease must also be controlled as to avoid negative lifestyles such as smoking, unhealthy eating patterns, stress and lack of exercise.


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  • About Soursop

    Various research shows that the soursop rich in antioxidants that are beneficial to maintaining health and treating disease. Soursop is rich of phytonutrients and phytochemicals. It is also rich in other antioxidants in the forms of phytochemical compounds including aceltahid, amyloid, anonain, anomurisin, ananol, atherosperminin, betasitosterol, kampesterol, sitrulin, galaktomanan, prosianidin, and tannins. These compounds are useful for treating various diseases, especially cancer so that reinforces the soursop as a magical plant that is useful as a medicinal plant.

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