The Miracle of Soursop

The Miracle of Soursop To Treat Various Diseases

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The researchers reported that the leaves and fruit soursop can treat diabetes mellitus. Research conducted recently shows that the soursop extract may lower blood sugar levels of patients with diabetes mellitus by improving insulin production. Researchers from Nigeria have evaluated the effects of methanol extracts of leaves of the soursop in pancreatic cells in mice with diabetes induced by streptozotosin.




Soursop treat diabetes mellitus.

The results of these studies indicate that treatment with soursop extract can lower the concentration of blood sugar levels of diabetic mice due to the regeneration of pancreatic cells or cell proliferation.

The pancreas is one of the organs of digestion and at the same organ that produces hormones or endocrine disruptors in humans. The pancreas produces several important hormones are insulin, glucagon, somatostatin. As an exocrine organ, the pancreas produces pancreatic sap that contains digestive enzymes and poured into 12 fingers intestine (duodenum) through a duct pancreatus. These enzymes help the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Pancreatic beta cells are one type of cell found in the pancreas in a location called islands of Langerhans. Pancreatic beta cells make and release insulin is a hormone responsible for managing blood sugar levels.

Soursop has been known to contain a number of bioactive compounds that are useful for treating various diseases including diabetes mellitus type 2. The experts conducted a study to determine whether soursop extract can provide hypoglycemic effect through the regeneration of pancreatic island cells are damaged in experiments using induced diabetic wistar rats.

An in-vitro study using 30 rats in which adults that were divided into 30 groups: group A, group B, group C. Each group consisted of 10 rats with different treatments in each group. Group A was the control group. Group B is a group of untreated rats and group C is a group of mice treated with the extract soursop. Both groups of rats namely groups A and B are given an injection of streptozotocin (STZ) intra-peritoneal. However for group C rats given daily intra-peritoneal injections of soursop extract for 2 weeks. Then after that, the rats turned off and were taken their pancreas and then fixed in liquid bouins. Hispatologi examination of the tissue that has been colored to show the regeneration of cells of pancreatic islets in mice in group C is group given injections of extracts of soursop compared with other groups of rats.


Soursop fruit, leaves and heart disease

Soursop fruit and leaves it also has the benefit of anti hiperlipidemi. A recent study showed that the soursop can reduce levels of fat, serum triglycerides, total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in STZ-induced diabetic rats. In addition, soursop also increase levels of HDL is good cholesterol. Evidence suggests that the decrease in total cholesterol, especially LDL cholesterol that will reduce the possibility of coronary heart attack for people with diabetes mellitus.


Fruits and leaves of soursop VS virus infection

Researchers have confirmed that the ethanol extract of leaves of soursop has antiviral activity as herpes simplex. Active compounds of soursop and plants of the genus Annona based on research conducted by Purdue University’s it also has anti-AIDS.


Soursop leaf VS Hypertension

Several studies conducted by experts showed that the skin and leaves of soursop are as hypotensive, vasodilator, a smooth muscle relaxation and activity cardio depressant (suppresses the activity of the heart) on the animal. In 1991, researchers found that soursop leaf can functioned as a hypotensive drug. Soursop is rich in potassium (potash) which has a large role in regulating blood pressure and cardiac function and rhythm. Soursop is also useful to prevent hypertension and to protect from atheroklerosis which can cause heart disease.


Soursop fruit and constipation remedies

Soursop is rich in dietary fiber (dietary fiber) content in soursop to 3.3 g/100 g pulp. By eating 100 g of soursop fruit flesh can meet 13% of daily dietary fiber needs. Natural dietary fiber contained in the soursop fruit helps the digestive process, especially beneficial to treat for constipation remedies.


Soursop fruit and treat diarrhea

Researchers in Nigeria have been using soursop fruit juice to stop diarrhea in children and adults. Diarrhea Disease Journal published a result of research conducted by Dr. Ifeoma B. Enweanai from the Department of Microbiology Faculty of Natural Sciences University of Nigeria Edo State on the use of soursop juice and srikaya to treat diarrhea for childhood diarrhea. In his research, soursop fruit juice was given to 25 children aged 6-20 months and 5 adults who suffer from acute diarrhea. In this study make an exception for children of prolonged diarrhea, malnutrition or have other severe systemic illness. To treat diarrhea, it gives 5 ml of soursop fruit juice to patients 3 times a day for 72 hours. Soursop juice was able to restore the condition of diarrhea within 48 hours. These results are in accordance with the research report where the use of smectite can cure diarrhea by 42% within 48 hours.

Zinc contained in soursop fruit juice reported role lower intestinal fluid loss. These results support the use of soursop fruit juice as a source of oral rehydration fluids to treat diarrhea for either children or adults. With this treatment can reduce the occurrence of morbidity and mortality especially in developing countries.


Soursop skin trees and fungus infections

In addition to anti-cancer, researchers from Purdue University Indiana United States also reported that the bark soursop has efficacy as an anti-fungal. Several studies have shown that skin of soursop tree has benefit as anti-fungal.


Soursop fruit and bacterial infections

Soursop fruit contains anti-microbial compounds to address the broad spectrum of bacterial infections. Since his usefulness as an antimicrobial, soursop can be used as drugs or food supplements to overcome various diseases caused by bacterial infections such as respiratory infections, diarrhea, boils, ulcers and urinary tract infections. – D -

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  • About Soursop

    Various research shows that the soursop rich in antioxidants that are beneficial to maintaining health and treating disease. Soursop is rich of phytonutrients and phytochemicals. It is also rich in other antioxidants in the forms of phytochemical compounds including aceltahid, amyloid, anonain, anomurisin, ananol, atherosperminin, betasitosterol, kampesterol, sitrulin, galaktomanan, prosianidin, and tannins. These compounds are useful for treating various diseases, especially cancer so that reinforces the soursop as a magical plant that is useful as a medicinal plant.

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